Why Fluence?

Simple to deploy and easy to scale artificial intelligence

What Makes Us Different?


We believe that artificial intelligence should be auditable and transparent. We’re not a ‘black-box’ AI provider, and every deployment of the Fluence Engine is unique to the partnering organisation as your knowledge, decision making and standards practices train our AI in how to interpret complex documentation. 

Fluence’s AI isn’t here to replace professionals making decisions, instead, it is the most powerful tool any professional could use to make decisions. We allow professionals to explore the historic decisions made across their organisation, our software will flag, if a decision has previously caused complaints, delays, or any other metric it’s been trained to look out for.

And we also believe that Artificial Intelligence should be accessible and straightforward for any organisation which is why we offer flexibility in how you deploy through 3 levels, all accessible to staff via a secure, cloud-based platform.

Simple to Deploy. Easy to Scale

1. Insights

Turn historical decisions into an interactive, explorable map and understand how individual decisions impact wider organisational performance.


2. Predictions

Utilise predictions to understand probabilities of success as well as risk profiles of any decision before you commit time and resources to that course of action.


3. Actions

Begin allocating tasks and decisions to Fluence AI, reducing workload through automating lower level decision work and automatically routing tasks to the correct part of your organisation.

Getting Started with Fluence

Step 1: Personalised implementation plan

Our customer support team work with you to craft a personalised implementation plan, tailored specifically to your organisation and any goals or objectives that you may have.

Step 2: Setup and data migration

We help you identify what data you need, cleanse that data and upload it into the Fluence platform to begin the process of codifying how your organisation collectively makes decisions.

Step 3: Train your AI models

Working with your trusted experts and professionals, we train Fluence AI to evaluate and interpret documentation in line with your standards and practices. This begins the process of unlocking employee expertise and tacit knowledge to be shared across your organisation in Step 5.

Step 4: Getting to know your new AI

It’s time to start exploring the new capabilities Fluence brings to your organisation. Your dedicated Project Lead will be on hand to train and support you in getting the most out of Fluence, such as how to access interactive, explorable data visualisation dashboards to surface new insights and trends.

Step 5: Rollout across your organisation

When you’re ready, your Project Lead is on hand to help you roll Fluence out across your organisation to widen your impact. You’ll have a quarterly check-in with your dedicated Project Lead to see how you’re getting on and support you in achieving your objectives.

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