We’re very excited to announce that we are 1 of 10 companies selected to join the prestigious Google for Startup Immersion programme. 


What is Google for Startups Immersion?

The Google for Startups Immersion is a 12-week program designed to bring the best of Google and the London ecosystem to 10 startups from across the UK. Google describe it by saying,

We believe that London became the Silicon Valley of Europe because of its access to funding, talent, founder experience and education. At the same time we recognise that there is an incredible wealth of passion, talent and opportunity in all corners of the UK. We want to help exceptional founders and their teams connect to the ecosystem in London and tap into the opportunities here while they continue growing their businesses in their home ecosystems, create local success stories and employment.

It’s an exciting time at Fluence

As a Birmingham based startup, we’re pleased to be able to further grow our tech network in the capital as well as have the opportunity to learn from some of Google’s most talented people. 


What can you expect from Fluence in 2020?

We have a few big things planned so watch this space! Like many AI startups, our early years have been spent in stealth mode with most of our work taking place behind closed doors. That is fast changing and the Google Immersion programme is just the beginning. We’ll be publicising our first case studies in the near future as well as developing new strategic partnerships, and if you’d like to be part of that journey get in touch. 


If you would like to learn more about how AI could help your organisation, get in touch with us at hello@fluence.world or call 0121 638 0760 and we can arrange a free discovery session.