How it works

Step 1: submit language

Software suggests relevant documents

Step 2: make decisions

Software learns your research objectives

Step 3: apply logic

Software applies your research criteria to all remaining documents

Discover | Companies

Explore the global ecosystem of active companies 

Explore hundreds of thousands of company websites in minutes 

  • Competitor analysis in 30 minutes
  • Company due-diligence
  • Discover alternative suppliers
  • Understand industry landscape
  • Intelligent threat monitoring (instant alerts on new competitors) 

Discover | Prior Art

Explore the world’s IP  

Work through millions of patent and prior art documents in hours instead of months. 

  • Prior Art search in 1-2 hours
  • Freedom to Operate walk-through automation
  • A powerful addition to existing search functions
  • Explore industry trends
  • Intelligent threat monitoring (instant alerts on new competitors)


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